"Our project was to convert an existing grain store barn to a bespoke controlled environment potato store, to store approximately 2,000 tonnes of boxed product.

Crop Systems were appointed to carry out the work having gained some positive publicity within the potato storage sector.

Our aim was to have our facility ready for the 2016 crop, i.e. August 2016 fill. This was achieved, albeit somewhat surprisingly, given the timescale we presented them.

Moreover, the technology pioneered by Ray Andrews and his team certainly gains our endorsement in presenting a first class product at store outtake"

Patrick Jolly, Director - WO & PO Jolly (Ipswich) Ltd
"The store has fulfilled all of the objectives that we set, in an organic environment; primarily drying out tuber blight and bacterial rots successfully so that at 2 degrees, the crop quality has been suitable for long term crop storage."

Nick Taylor - T.C. & N. Taylor Ltd, Organic Farms.
Andrew Wace of Wace Partners, Norfolk is thrilled with how his store has handled a tricky situation with variety R808, extending his storage period by 6 months. The variety started rotting in groups of 6 potatoes, expecting to have to unload, Andrew was able to target airflow to the troubled spots. After weeks of blowing he was able to bring his crop back from the abyss. He adds “I am extremely pleased and now hopeful for a June 2015 unloading”.
"We put on 23g/tonne which is well below legal limits. We have been able to enjoy the maximum benefits from CIPC without worrying about exceeding maximum residue levels".

John Bubb - Shropshire Petals, Lynn South Farm.
“Crop Systems installed a 17 bay, 1224 tonne capacity potato (Warmstor) conditioning store at our site in May 2013.

All aspects of the design and installation went without a hitch and the Cropsystems team was entirely self-sufficient allowing our day-to-day grading/packing operations to continue unhindered.

With the store ready in May we were able to immediately take the benefit from conditioning off-the-field new potatoes and we found by utilising the system we were able to reduce the curing time for rot prevention down from 5-6 weeks to just five days, with all the benefits that brings.

We are now coming to the end of the first storage season using our Warmstor to condition potatoes out of coldstore. We’ve, in the main, used a four day conditioning cycle and have seen a significant improvement in the way crops have handled through our packhouse and the consistent temperature achieved throughout every load has been key.

We’ve also been impressed by the simplicity of the system. Our Warmstor is run by our Goods-in forklift truck drivers where the only intervention required is putting a probe into the first box loaded into the store which, in a busy operation like ours, has made its introduction so effective.”

Ian Wait - General Manager, Branston Limited, Somerset.
“We needed the best potato store we could get and we feel Crop Systems Ltd has given us precisely that. Crop Systems Ltd never ending quest for perfection, backed up by their wealth of knowledge and expertise gave us complete confidence in the end result, which we are thrilled with. We have a store that has surpassed our expectations and it is exciting to be involved in such a pivotal development in crop storage”.

Stuart Stark - Fridlington Farms, Yorkshire.
“We appreciate dealing with a company who can offer us the best storage equipment for our crop with the added advantage of being local. Crop Systems always find the most ideal solutions to our problems, whilst taking into consideration any budget we may have” says Roderick Shearing of Catfield Spuds.

By changing the refrigeration controller in our store we have been able to increase its efficiency by 40%.

Roderick Shearing - Catfield Spuds, Norfolk.
"I was extremely pleased that the store was able to keep the VR808 variety so well for so long, considering they are thin skinned and can be tricky. VR808 were unloaded in early July 2012 looking good and consistently achieving high bonuses from Walkers. Over 400 tons came out of the store, achieving an average bonus equivalent to an extra three and a half tons per Hectare."

Andrew Wace, Wace Partners, Norfolk.
"B&C Farming Ltd have recently regenerated a ware potato store with the help of Ray Andrews and his team from Crop Systems Ltd. The store is built using novel design ideas with the aim of improving the way the CIPC gas is distributed through a processing box store"

Tony Bambridge - B&C Farming Ltd, Norfolk.
"We chose Crop Systems to ensure that we got the latest and very best ideas and equipment incorporated into our new store without having to search for multiple contractors to pull the project together."

John Bubb
J. M. Bubb & Son
"Having worked with Crop Systems for a number of years, we can safely say that the potato stores that they built are our best performing in terms of energy usage and crop quality."

Andrew Chennells
G. H. Chennells Farms
“The new store enabled us to meet a number of the key business and environmental objectives set by Marks & Spencer, our key customer.”

Shayne Tyler
Operational Manager
Manor Fresh

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