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SmartStor™ / SmartSola™

SMARTSTOR ™ is the smartest store controller on the market and enables store operators to monitor and manage any number of either box or bulk stores from their mobile device. It can be used with all makes of store – whether from Crops Systems Ltd or not.

The system offers complete peace of mind, and sends alerts to multiple devices if any aspect of store management goes outside pre-selected parameters. It also issues daily performance reports and includes a CO2 accumulator, which monitors store air quality.

SmartStor™ / SmartSola™
Store controller

Manage you store from anywhere

SmartStor™ / SmartSola™ enables owners to monitor and manage their facilities on their mobile device from anywhere.

Bulk store

Even airflow throughout your store

TaperStor uses tapering ducts throughout the store to maintain even airflow throughout the store.

Conditioning store

Give potatoes the gentle touch

WarmStor is an innovative box store than enables potatoes to be warmed gently prior to processing.

Box store

Effective and economic

PosiStor uses positive ventilation to ensure box stores are both effective in storing potatoes and economic to run.


Crop Systems Ltd manufactures top quality refrigeration systems that optimise efficiency and minimise costs.


Crop systems carries out full design and construction of grain stores.