Humidification & Adiabatic Cooling

Knowing the importance of humidity in relation to the finish of the stored crop and in turn how this affects market price, Crop Systems are able to offer the best solution whatever your circumstance.

Quick return on investment
Independent trials held in both humidified and non-humidified stores have shown that on average, over a 200 day holding period, weight loss reduction in humidified stores can be 4% as a minimum. Taking this figure into a 2500 tonne store would mean around a 100 tonne reduction in weight loss, giving pay back in a very short period.

Reduction in refrigeration usage & costs
With the advantage of adiabatic cooling that the humidification of the air provides, it is possible to both decrease the reliance on refrigeration as well as extend the period of ambient cooling availability. The storage period can also be extended as well as offering a reduction in air temperature at purging of circa 6°C.

Quality counts
Not only does the use of humidity improve wound curing, it also assists in the elimination of compression damage and, as already mentioned, reduces weight loss, thereby giving greater turgidity and a better finish to the crop.

Also, by using water vapour, as opposed to droplets to humidify the air, the transmission of particles and pathogens is eradicated. In tests carried out by the Potato Council's Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research Centre it has been proven that it is possible to remove bacteria, spores and dust particles from the air, thereby promoting a healthy storage environment.

Predictive & totally controllable
The fast reacting nature of the humidification systems installed by Crop Systems ensures that the benefits are there when most needed giving the optimum advantage of adiabatic cooling. The ability to predict the availability and level of adiabatic cooling and the anti-roof condensation management system allow for even greater control over your crop.

“The adiabatic cooling effect of our humidification units has enabled us to put crops into store during the warmer autumn months, reducing ambient temperatures and giving us the ability to control humidity. We are able to extend crop life without using a fridge and we attribute this directly to the inline humidity units.

We aim to deliver to our customers a more turgid potato which gives us reduced weight loss and the ability to maximize our returns.”

James Harrison
E. G. Harrison & Co.

Humidity Curbs Losses - Potato Review Mar/Apr 2012

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