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Store Servicing

Many companies in today's crop storage market do not believe that servicing of storage facilities is necessary, whilst others offer free store checks.

We simply believe we offer the best service you can get, for a reasonable price.

We undertake an annual servicing programme on our customers’ stores to ensure that small issues do not escalate into major problems.

Crop Systems ensure you get the best from your existing facilities with a bespoke service package detailing all equipment and sensor checks, full F-Gas traceability for refrigeration units and recommendations for any possible future issues including building integrity.

F-Gas traceability is even more important now, due to the latest F-Gas legislation which focuses on higher group refrigerants.

Too few store managers realise, that in the eyes of the law, they are legally responsible for compliance with F-Gas regulations. In fact the Environment Agency is liaising closely with Refcom and will investigate any complaints.

The leak testing regime changes on 1st January 2015 to a GWP system which effectively means higher GWP refrigerants will require more frequent testing.

Crop Systems engineers are qualified in accordance with Article 5.1 of EC regulations 842/2006 and are registered with Refcom. We can offer advice and thorough annual servicing for leaks; we can also advise you on the correct storage and inventory recording of your equipment.

In addition we are offering a resolution to the “phase out“ problem at the end of 2014 by removing R22 and replacing with a direct replacement refrigerant R438A.

Just talk to our clients, they will confirm what has always been important to us – honest advice, to your budget, no freebies or gimmicks, just getting it right first time for you; we can even do minor repairs at the time of service to save costs for you in the long run. Our experience allows us to suggest alternatives to deliver what you want to achieve without compromise.

We consider ourselves the true experts; let us show you.

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